现在玩家将有机会可以大展身手来试著改良车站!《STATIONflow》是一款模拟游戏,旨在让玩家透过建设与高效管理能力来改善拥有上千名乘客来往的车站。《STATIONflow》拥有多楼层的 3D 建构地图,将真实模拟大车站的情况。玩家可以自由改变走廊架构,并运用楼梯、电梯、手扶梯让乘客上下楼移动,同时还要透过指示牌让乘客可以顺利并最快速的到达目的地。
Have you ever been stuck in a train or subway station, crowded and congested, fighting to get on the escalator? Have you ever wandered around lost, cursing the lack of proper signage? Have you ever thought to yourself “I could design this station better”?
STATIONflow is a game about controlling the flow of thousands of passengers by building and managing an efficient underground train station.
Manage the flow of thousands of passengers with different needs, stats and targets, simulated in real time.
Build complex 3D layouts in a multilayered map.
Place and shape corridors and structures freely, without the constraints of a grid.
Connect your station with stairs, escalators and elevators as efficiently as you can, but make sure everything is accessible.
Keep things functional and efficient: your goal is to avoid congestion and to get passengers to where they want to go as quickly and smoothly as possible.
Guide passengers via signage, and watch the flow of passengers change. Manipulate the path people take to avoid crowds—sometimes the shortest route is not the most efficient.
Satisfy your passengers’ desires for various services: place vending machines and kiosks, construct bathrooms, restaurants and more. Passengers will expect more than just to find their exit on time.
Don’t forget about upkeeps. You’re on a budget, so you'll want to keep your station lean and efficient⁠—but make sure it isn't at the cost of passenger satisfaction!
And of course, the higher-ups are always watching. You will receive daily evaluations based on passenger feedback. Do well, and you will be rewarded with an extended budget and additional construction options, but also given increased responsibilities. Do poorly, and you may well be on your way to bankruptcy...
Create your own maps and share them through the Steam Workshop, or browse other players' creations for your next playthrough.
Adjust the game's difficulty to your liking via multiple settings. Give yourself a relaxed sandbox experience, or something to really test your station-building abilities⁠...
Good luck.
系统Windows 10 (64-bit only)